As far back as I can remember…

… the romantic concept of an unspoiled wilderness has tinted my first look on nature, and has influenced my academic education, as well as all the projects in which I have been involved since. Figures like Dersou Ouzala, Robert Hainard, Jack London, Paul-Emile Victor or Shackleton haven’t stopped echoing in me since I was a kid. Whether they showed me the way or if I found in what they had accomplished what I was looking for, I’ll never know. A mix of both I suppose. But the result is this: an insatiable quest for beauty, remote wilderness and extreme environments.

As a wildlife biologist, science gives me opportunities to stay connected to nature, to improve my understanding of it and to contribute to its preservation. I have spent the first two decades of my life in France. I have then lived and worked in various places, from East Africa to Hawaii, and from Northern Quebec to Antarctica where I spent 14 months on a scientific station at age 21. After a fruitful 2-year break away from the French education system, I completed my Master’s degree in biology at the Université du Québec, which ended a fantastic 3-year experience in Canada. I then moved to the USA and for 5 years I got involved in several research and conservation projects in California, the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, I initiated a project aiming at promoting the conservation of the Bale Mountains, in the Ethiopian Highlands and ran it for 5 years. In 2009, I moved back to France and created an environmental consulting company specialized in radar ornithology. This experience as an entrepreneur was intense and highly rewarding, and in 2014 I transfered my radar expertise to BirdLife International-France, which now uses it to study bird migration.

Norway has become part of my life when I started studying seabirds in Svalbard for the Norwegian Polar Institute in 2011, and I have been working in the high Arctic every summer since. Between the breeding seasons, I live in Tromsø, Northern Norway, where I work as a Northern Lights guide.